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Pleasing Start Over Table of Contents

Pleasing Start-Over

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This is a BL novel. Translation status: Complete and edited.

Summary from the author:

Qiao Chen was mysteriously transmigrated to the interstellar era. As an adult from his original world, he was forced to grow up all over again in this new one. Now, out of nowhere, he was requested (forced to take on) with the inexplicable task of jumping from world to world to save the high general’s soul. Throughout his journey, Qiao Chen finds that these worlds and bodies he’s jumping in and out of are his previous reincarnations. Whether or not these all culminate into coincidences or a predetermined destiny, there’s things that must be done while completing the main task:

  • Avenging his past life
  • Taking revenge
  • Fulfill past regrets
  • Realize those lost dreams
  • Make up for past failures

Since God has given him these opportunities to rewrite his fate, why wouldn’t he be pleased to start over?

(Very) OP Shou with a Gold Finger X THICK Thigh Gong

  • Same soul throughout all arcs: 1 V 1

Translator: Get ready for a fast paced (8 arcs in 100~ chapters fast)transmigration story with plenty of revenge and face slapping.

T/W: Dubcon for arcs 1-4. Depictions of rape from arcs 5-6.

Forewarning: ‘Weak’ is not in the MC’s vocabulary. Neither is ‘reasonably strong’. He’s very, extremely over powered. If you don’t like OP characters, then this might not be the story for you. 😦

My wattpad if you prefer

Spanish Translations: evrimtranslation via Levine Translation

Prologue [The Starting Cause]

Ch 1||

Arc 1. [The Rich and Powerful Occupy the Magpie Nest]

or        [The Dove Occupies the Magpie’s Nest]

Ch 2 ||Ch 3 ||Ch 4 ||Ch 5 ||Ch 6 ||Ch 7 ||Ch 8 ||Ch 9||Ch 10||Ch 11||Ch 12||Ch 13||

Arc 2. [Mech Engineer: System V. System]

Ch 14||Ch 15||Ch 16||Ch 17|| Ch 18||Ch 19||Ch 20||Ch  21||Ch 22||Ch 23||Ch 24||Ch 25||Ch 26||Ch  27||Ch 28||Ch 29||

Arc 3. [Interstellar Musicians: Competing with a Musical Genius]

Ch 30||Ch 31||Ch 32||Ch 33||Ch 34||Ch 35||Ch 36||Ch 37||Ch 38||

Arc 4. [Crossing Over Against a Transmigrator ]

Ch 39||Ch 40||Ch 41||Ch 42||Ch 43||Ch 44||Ch 45||Ch 46||Ch 47||Ch 48||Ch 49||Ch 50||Ch 51||Ch 52||

Arc 5. [Interstellar Military Cadets with Abilities]

Ch 53||Ch 54||Ch 55||Ch 56||Ch 57||Ch 58||Ch 59||Ch 60||Ch 61||Ch 62||Ch 63||Ch 64||Ch 65||Ch 66||Ch 67||

Arc 6. [Modern Entertainment World]

Ch 68||Ch 69||Ch 70||Ch 71||Ch 72||Ch 73||Ch 74||Ch 75||Ch 76||Ch 77||Ch 78||

Arc 7. [End of the World: The Doctor]

Ch 79||Ch 80||Ch 81||Ch 82||Ch 83||Ch 84||Ch 85||Ch 86||Ch 87||Ch 88||Ch 89||Ch 90||Ch 91||

Arc 8. [The Prophesy]

Ch 92||Ch 93||Ch 94||Ch 95||Ch 96||Ch 97||Ch 98||Ch 99||Ch 100||Ch 101||

The End

Ch 102||Ch 103||

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